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Students at Poland Union
Students at Poland Union

Reef Aquarium

Our students' reef aquarium has certainly evolved over the years.  It is referred to as a reef aquarium because it contains both fish and coral.  Most of the fish and coral have been donated or greatly discounted for our school.  In all, there are close to twenty different species of fish and just as many types of coral living in the aquarium.  It is also the home of three different starfish, a sea urchin, two cleaner shrimp, snails, and hermit crabs.  











Here are some more interesting facts:

The aquarium itself holds 120 gallons of saltwater.  The “sump” underneath the aquarium holds another 40 gallons of saltwater and has four different chambers within it. Each chamber serves a purpose and helps keep our water clean and crystal clear.

Approximately 85% of all of the equipment used for this project has been donated.  Companies from all over the United States have pledged their support and continue to donate today.

Water changes are important and help maintain optimal water quality.  Approximately 25 gallons of saltwater is removed from the tank every two weeks. Fresh saltwater is added.  Our school actually makes its own saltwater using a RODI system across the hall from the library.

This incredible teaching tool will never be completed!  It is, and will remain, a work in process.

In September of 2017, YSU President, Jim Tressel, visited our school and left wanting a reef aquarium for his office.  He was hoping for penguins in his!



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