Three First Grade Students dressed as "The Cat In the Hat"
First Grade Students dressed as "The Cat In the Hat"
Poland students, photo collage, three photos.
Poland students
Poland Students, photo collage, three photos.
Poland Students
Poland Middle School student in working on ELA assignment
Poland Middle School student working on ELA assignment
Photo collage, three photos of high school students.
Poland Seminary High School Students

District Technology

Last Updated: 11/8/2019 8:03 PM

Technology classes were created for grades 5-8.


New, state-of-the-art Apple Lab at the middle school, which aligns with the curriculum at the high school.


Every student has the opportunity to gain experience in Apple, Microsoft and Google.


STEM curriculum is now offered to 5-8th grade students.


The high school has an AP Computer Science Class.


Every classroom now has a phone.


Adopted a Chromebook Replacement Policy


Staff has gone through development training to increase technology integration in the classroom.


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