Three First Grade Students dressed as "The Cat In the Hat"
First Grade Students dressed as "The Cat In the Hat"
Poland students, photo collage, three photos.
Poland students
Poland Students, photo collage, three photos.
Poland Students
Poland Middle School student in working on ELA assignment
Poland Middle School student working on ELA assignment
Photo collage, three photos of high school students.
Poland Seminary High School Students

Curriculum Update

Last Updated: 11/22/2019 3:14 AM

As part of the district’s Strategic Plan, committees, made up of more than 100 district stakeholders, provided the district with ways the community would like to see enhancement and additions to curriculum.  The district has made several changes to curriculum to make sure students are receiving a 21st Century Learning Education.





Math (K-5)

Poland Local Schools has adopted Bridges for all elementary studentsUnion Elementary started the curriculum in the 2017-2018 school year, and McKinley Elementary started Bridges in the 2018-2019 school year. The adoption of Bridges has changed the manner in which math is taught. Students benefit immensely from the curriculum’s methods of instruction, structured investigations, and open exploration. On average, students receive 65-75 minutes of math instruction each day.  Words like “attribute, compare, data, difference, edge, equation, estimate, horizontal, sum, ten-frame, and vertical” are used by students each day to express their understanding and depths of knowledge.


College Preparatory Math (6-8)

Grades six through eight have adopted College Preparatory Math (CPM). CPM is a conceptual math curriculum that will directly connect the work being accomplished with Bridges. CPM is a curriculum engaging all students in mathematical problem solving, reasoning, and communication. Students deepen their conceptual understanding and strategic competence, enhance procedural fluency and adaptive reasoning, and engage in mathematical discourse, and debate through problem based lessons. 


Poland Seminary High School offers students a variety of math options, including courses students can earn college credit while in high school.

The courses include:

AP Calculus with College Credit Plus Calculus 

College Credit Plus Pre Calculus

College Credit Plus Trigonometry


Literacy (K-12)

The Poland Local School District has developed a district Literacy Team to improve literacy instruction for all students in grades K-12. This team consists of teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators, representing all grade levels and buildings. 

Poland’s District Literacy Team began by reviewing the many forms of data to determine areas of strength to build on, as well as areas of refinement for the future. The Literacy Team analyzed and discussed instructional practice with the goal of ensuring the literacy needs of all students are met within the Poland Schools. District goals were also created, and will be implemented in the next three school years. 

The team meets consistently to plan for the implementation of the literacy goals, and works collaboratively to discuss areas of literacy framework and intervention and establish the components of these areas to create a seamless transition for students in grades K-12. The Literacy Team is crucial to help students have a strong foundational understanding of literacy and to create the interventions needed for additional support. All students in the Poland Schools will be able to have a consistent comprehensive literacy framework with support for all learners.



Technology classes are in place for grades 5-8.

New, state-of-the-art Apple Lab at the middle school, which aligns with the curriculum at the high school.

Every student has the opportunity to gain experience in Apple, Microsoft and Google.

STEM curriculum is now offered to 5-8th grade students.

The high school has an AP Computer Science Class.

Every classroom now has a phone.

Adopted a Chromebook Replacement Policy

Staff has gone through development training to increase technology integration in the classroom.



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