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Substitute Wages

February 26, 2018

To: Principals
Special Ed Service Director
Food Service Director
Transportation Director
Athletic Director
Head Custodians

From: David Janofa, Superintendent

Re: Substitute wages effective February 26, 2018, including non-contract personnel are as follows:

1. Substitute wages to be paid as follows:
Bus drivers @ $16.00 per hour for bus route @ $12.00 per hour for field trip
Regular employees subbing as a Bus Driver @ $18.50 per hour
Bus Aides @ $12.00 per hour
Cashiers @ $8.30 per hour
Cook's Helper @ $8.30 per hour
Custodians/Porters @ $8.65 per hour
Courier @ $8.30 per hour
Courier Helper @ $8.30per hour
Monitors @ $8.30 per hour
Secretaries @ $8.85 per hr. for 1-20 days. $10.00 per hr. on the 21st work day in the same assignment.
Teachers @ $75.00 per day for 1-60 days. On 61st workday in same assignment BAO per day.

2. Noncontract personnel
Seasonal Custodians @ $8.65 per hr.
High school students (lawn crew/custodial) @ $8.30 per hr.
Seasonal (lawn crew) @ $10.00 per hr.

3. Vendor personnel
Athletic security @ $80 per game
Security (not for games) @ $20.00 per hr.
PSHS Athletic game workers @ $40 per game (timekeepers, score keepers, ticket sellers, ticket takers, etc.); PMS athletic game workers @ $25.00 per game.

4. Building rentals will be $8.85 per hour. High school students working rentals are paid $8.30 per hour.

5. Saturday Detention and/or Home Instruction Tutors will be $19.00 per hour.

6. Please advise persons appropriately about these pay rates. If you have any questions, please call me ASAP.

cc: Payroll
Janet Muntean, Treasurer
Board Adopted: 2/26/2018

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