Three First Grade Students dressed as "The Cat In the Hat"
First Grade Students dressed as "The Cat In the Hat"
Poland students, photo collage, three photos.
Poland students
Poland Students, photo collage, three photos.
Poland Students
Poland Middle School student in working on ELA assignment
Poland Middle School student working on ELA assignment
Photo collage, three photos of high school students.
Poland Seminary High School Students

Superintendent's Update (7/18/21)

In an on-going effort to communicate with all of you at the highest level I will be sending out as much information as I can over the next several weeks. We are also anticipating increasing some communication services from the ESC of Eastern Ohio so that we can meet your expectations for communications.  

Admin Changes for 2021-2022 School Year

Although the Governor has not ruled on masks for schools, he has repeatedly stated that he has no intentions of reinstating masks mandates for 2021-2022.  Let’s hope this holds!  Also, we are watching a Federal Mask Mandate which makes it mandatory that all bus drivers, staff and students who ride a bus to continue wearing masks until Monday, September 13, 2021.  We will keep monitoring this every day to see if it changes.

I have had the opportunity to be hosted in the homes of staff and community members since May.  If any of you would be interested in hosting me at your home with your neighbors and friends to talk about Poland and the expectations that you have of me as your Superintendent please feel free to call, text or email me at or 513-335-9913.  These groups can be as small as 3-4 or as large as you wish. 

In the meantime, focus on enjoying summer with your family and friends.

Facility Updates

  • All Middle School and McKinley classrooms are cleaned and waxed.  This was crucial for the move to happen.  The custodial staff did an excellent job making sure everything was completed.
  • Special thanks to the custodial staff at the high school for working around the construction zone and doing such an incredible job waxing and cleaning. 
  • The McKinley items have been moved to staging areas in the Middle School and are projected to be in the classrooms by the end of next week (July 23).
  • All Union items are being moved this week and put directly into the assigned classrooms.
  • GR. 7-8 items will be moved to the High School next week.  These items will be delivered directly to the assigned classrooms.
  • As classroom items are delivered; halls, restrooms and common areas will be cleaned and waxed.
  • Work begun on the new heating/cooling system at the middle school and will continue into the fall until completion.
  • Principals will send out updates as to when the teachers will be able to get in their classrooms to start setting up for this year.
  • Reminder that there is construction going on in all our buildings.  Should you have any questions or concerns please contact Matt McKenzie at

Technology Updates


  • New Audio Video System for Board Meetings


  • All new CAT 6 Cabling in the entire building
  • Huddlecam Focus Install
  • New Server to run all infrastructure
  • Clever touches for new classrooms


  • PA System add-ons for office and custom alert buttons for Lockdowns
  • All new Audio Video System for Connector
  • Camera Server Storage Upgrades

McKinley Elementary

  • Audio Enhancement Beam Audio Systems in Teacher Classrooms
  • All new Audio Video System for Connector
  • New Tables for Computer Lab in McKinley
  • The High School and McKinley will be posting supply lists in the near future, along with other important dates about schedule pickups and orientation dates

Transportation Updates:

  • We are anticipating that the paving project for the bus path at PSHS will begin in the next week or two. RT Vernal will be doing the work regarding the path and creating an easily accessible loop through the bus compound. This will be essential in our reintroduction of high school busing.
  • Parents/guardians will receive a letter in the mail during the beginning of August from the Transportation Department. This letter will inform them of their student(s) assigned bus, as well as the estimated pick-up/drop-off times.
  • We are excited to share that we now have a live form in Final Forms for transportation. This form allows parents/guardians to essentially "opt in" or "opt out" of busing. This tool will allow us to clean up our routes and get a more accurate ridership.

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