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  1. What grade levels will be going 1:1?
    Grades 7-12 
  2. What devices are to be issued to students?
    Dell Chromebook
  3. Is the District going to provide Chromebook bags/backpacks?
    The District will not be provided students with Chromebook bags, but in adherence to the Board of Education: Students can bring traditional backpacks to and from school. Clear backpacks are ONLY a requirement if the student plans to transport items from class to class within the building, as access to lockers will be limited.
  4. Are all 1:1 grade levels able to take their Chromebook home?
    Grades 7-12 will be able to take their devices home each day for academic use.
  5. Will Chromebooks go home with students over the summer?
  6. Can my student/I refuse the District-provided Chromebook?
    No. District-provided Chromebooks must be brought to school, fully charged, every day. District-provided Chromebooks:
    1. Are the devices teachers expect and plan for when preparing lessons and assignments
    2. Must be used for all online assessments
  7. What fees are charged for repair or replacement of a student Chromebook and accessories?
    Students are responsible for taking care of their District-issued Chromebook. In the event the Chromebook or AC adapter (charging cable) is damaged or lost, fees will be assessed at the time of repair using the fee schedule below:

    Max Fee Chromebook: $230.00 
    Max Fee AC Adapter/Charger: $35.00 
    Broken Screen Replacement: $50.00
  8. My Chromebook is broken, how do I get it fixed?
    If the Chromebook is in need of repair, please put in a ticket with the Technology Department. While their Chromebook is being repaired, the Department will give a temporary loaner Chromebook.
  9. What if a student Chromebook is stolen?
    If stolen, the family should notify a building administrator and/or put in a technology ticket. A police report will be required to formally document the theft and receive a replacement Chromebook.
  10. Will Chromebooks have internet filtering when used off campus?
    Yes. All Chromebooks are filtered by Lightspeed and provide protection against inappropriate web content, meeting or exceeding federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requirements.