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What is a Cluster Stop?

Poland Local Schools utilizes cluster stops on some bus routes.

Designated cluster stops are locations within neighborhoods where students will gather in order to be picked up by their bus. Cluster stops are all within a half-mile radius from students' originating residences, and some stops will be marked with a Poland Schools Bus Stop sign.

In the 2022-23 school year, some students will be assigned a cluster stop.

Important Considerations:

  • Cluster stops are determined only by Poland Local School District to follow codes/regulations. Only Poland Local School District can assign students to cluster stops.
  • Only students in Grade 4-12 attending Poland Middle School or Poland High School can be assigned a cluster stop. 
  • Students assigned to a cluster stop should be present at their cluster stop at least 3-5 minutes before their scheduled pick-up time to ensure transportation.
  • Students will be dropped off at their cluster stop at the end of the school day.


Poland P surrounded by a blue octagon, like a stop sign, Text Reads: School Bus Stop