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Fee Notifications

Poland Local Schools charges academic fees for classes in which your students enroll during their time as Bulldogs. Fee values are determined according to grade level and classes taken. 

Also, Poland Local Schools Food Services charges for meals and items served in our cafeteria during lunch periods. Students are encouraged to keep a positive balance in their student account.

As of the 2022-2023 school year, Poland Local schools will send parents/guardians student fee and food service fee notifications digitally. These notifications will include your student's current balance, if any balance is due, and ways to pay the school district in the case that a balance is owed. Parents/Guardians will be contacted in email, phone call, or text format from Poland Local Schools.

Here is a tentative schedule for when notifications are sent:

Student Fees

Student fees balances are submitted/updated usually two times per school year: At the beginning of the school year, during the first quarter and at the beginning of the third quarter.

Parents/guardians can expect the following notifications:

  • Email at the beginning of each quarter for negative balances/balances due

If any balances are past due, you may receive extra notifications informing you of your balance.

If you have any questions about paying for your student fees, visit our student fees info page:


Food Service Fees

Student Food Service accounts are technically updated at the time of each purchase or account deposit.

Parents/guardians can expect the following notifications:

  • Email at the beginning of each month for positive/negative balances
  • Email + Call on the 3rd week of each month for negative balances

If you have any question about paying for your student's lunch fees, visit our Food Service Fees info page:

Food Service FEES INFO

Past Fee Notifications

Poland Local Schools keeps a record of communications sent to families regarding fees:

Date Type Format Details
03/23/2023 Student Fees Email Grades K-12
03/15/2023 Food Services Email, Call, Text Negative Balances, K-12
02/02/2023 Food Services Email Monthly Balance Update
01/26/2023 Food Services Call Negative Balances, K-12
01/26/2023 Student Fees Email Grades 7-8 (Fixed Link Email)
01/24/2023 Student Fees Email Grades 7-12
01/12/2023 Food Services Email Negative Balances, K-12
01/04/2023 Student Fees Email Grades K-6
12/12/2022-12/15/2022 Food Services Email Negative Balances, Grades 7-12
11/21/2022 Food Services Email Negative Balances, Grades 7-12
10/05/2022 Student Fees Email Fee Glitch, Grade 9