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FEATURE: Art 4 Senior Portfolios

Collages of Artwork with Senior profile photos in front of art, Text Reads: Art 4 Seniors
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Talented senior students from the Art Department at Poland Seminary High School are finalizing their portfolios after four years of being in art classes. Under the direction and teaching of Mrs. Susan Holub, seven seniors are recognized for their dedication to the program for their four years of high school. Enjoy their portfolios below!

Lauren Barrett

"My favorite project that I did was the mural. Developing a piece that was going to eventually be 30x the size of the paper I would use for my original concept was a challenge I had yet to face. I had to design a work of art that combined the vision of the teachers, could be easily transferable between paper and wall, and captured the spirit of Poland Schools. My favorite part most of all though was working and collaborating with my classmates. They provided insight as well as plenty of laughter during the many hours we spent painting in the hall."


Lydia Davis-Keramidas


McKenna Dinard

"My favorite art project in Art 4 was clay. Creating and making my idiom into a project was fun and challenging! Also painting it after allowed me to add my own creative view into it."

Julia Eich

"My favorite art project was the silk screen printing! This was a project where I had never done anything like it before. I found it very fun to be able to take a design I love, and be able to transfer it to a wearable fabric. I chose a flower design and transferred it onto cotton tote bags for my friends and I to have as a lasting memory of our senior year of high school."

Madalyn Kemp

"My favorite art project was my ink project. I made a jelly fish swimming in the ocean, and it won third place. I enjoyed making it and I was very happy with the finished product."

Madeleine Mickley

"My favorite project that I worked on besides my portfolio was my oil painting. Since we did not have much of a prompt, and we were allowed to do anything, I had a lot of fun coming up with subjects. In general, just being able to be creative with this piece was my favorite part. Since oil paints are something new to me, this was a great challenge for my artistic skills."

Harpreet Multani

"My favorite art work while at PSHS was my octopus project that I made last year while I was a Junior. This was a project based on the Netflix movie My Octopus Teacher. This is my favorite project because I was able to express my image of what underwater would be like and what the vibrant colors of an octopus would be like. I used watercolors and gouache to complete this piece of work. The colors used allows me to catch the eye of the audience, and allows me to show the audience appreciation of the deep sea where these beautiful creatures live." 

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