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PSHS Update - 07/25/2022

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Dear Bulldog Families,

We hope everyone is having a great summer. We know families are starting to shop for "Back to School" items, so we wanted to share some information to assist everyone. Below is the grades 7 - 12 dress code. Please note that we will be returning to our Pre - Covid backpack rules. Students may use a backpack to transport school materials to and from school but must remain in their locker throughout the school day. Lastly, the supply lists for junior high are linked below and on the district website. For high school students each teacher will give their students what is needed for each particular class, once students receive their schedules in August, so as to prevent families from purchasing unnecessary items.

7-12 PERSONAL APPEARANCE GUIDELINES It is the responsibility of the student to maintain appropriate personal appearance. All clothing shall be neat, clean, practical and modest. The school retains the right to rule against specific items of clothing and general appearance for reasons of safety, health, or disruption of classroom procedure. APPEARANCE WHILE IN ATTENDANCE

1. Outdoor apparel (i.e. hats, coats, jackets) are not to be worn or carried in the building.
2. Shoes must be worn to avoid unsafe and unhealthy conditions. Flip flops, slippers, and backless shoes are NOT permitted and may not be worn.
3. The torso must be covered. a. A student’s top must touch the pants or skirt while the arms are raised to shoulder height b. Skirts must be 3” from top of knee or longer.
4. All types of sweatpants, lounging pajamas, leggings, yoga pants, tights, or ripped/torn jeans (displaying skin) are not permitted. Jeans must have back pockets. Distressed jeans are permitted provided the skin does not show.
5. Tank tops, halter tops, see-through tops, or tops with spaghetti straps or without sleeves are not to be worn. Modest and non revealing tops are required. Shoulders must be covered (no cut-off sleeves) .
6. Clothing with inappropriate pictures, lettering and/or displaying tobacco, alcohol, or drugs are not to be worn. 7. Hair: Hair color will be of natural tone (not blue, purple, pink, etc) Haircuts deemed to be extreme or a distraction (designs cut into hair, shaved mohawks, or hair hanging down in front of eyes) are not permitted.
8. Student-made or printed shirts are prohibited unless specifically approved by the administration
9. Any clothing, jewelry, or other material perceived as being gang related is not to be worn.
10. All pants must be worn at waist level at all times. Oversized, baggy clothing or excessively long shirts are not permitted.
11. Pocket chains, facial piercings (with the only exception being an inconspicuous nose stud), and gauged earrings are not permitted.
12. Book bags are not permitted to be carried by students, except to transport books to and from school,

NOTE: All clothing should be moderately fit and worn as it was designed.

Shorts (school appropriate) are only permitted for seniors when notified by the Administration at the end of the school year (senior privilege). Underclassmen may be given the privilege of wearing shorts. This policy is intended to maintain proper decorum and eliminate distractions. Students needing accommodations for dress due to medical reasons are required to provide medical documentation and /or conference with the school nurse.

Schedule Pick Up:

August 11th

10:30-11:00am: Cafeteria- Incoming 7th and 8th Schedule Pick Up; Building Walk Through with Schedules

11:00-12:00pm- Auditorium- Incoming 7th and New Junior High Student Orientation

1:00-1:30pm- Cafeteria- Incoming 9th and New H.S. Student Schedule Pick Up; Building Walk Through with Schedules

1:30-2:30pm- Auditorium- Incoming 9th and New High School Student Orientation

August 12th

9:00-10:00am: Cafeteria- 12th Schedule Pick Up

10:30-11:30am: Cafeteria- 11th Schedule Pick Up

1:00-2:00pm: Cafeteria- 10th Schedule Pick Up


S.T.E.P. Open House will be August 16th from 3 - 415

*This is an opportunity for parents to meet their student's teachers and walk his/her schedule. Students are welcome but not required to attend.

Supply Lists:


Kevin Snyder, 7-12 Principal

Poland Seminary High School

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