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Fourth Graders at Poland Middle School Share Their Favorite Reads

Collage of Poland Middle School fourth graders presenting by reading summaries at podium, pointing to diorama or slideshow, or talking to friends in class
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Over the last two months, Ms. Landers' fourth graders at Poland Middle School have been busy diving into books of their choice, which culminated in a special presentation day. Each student selected a book, read it thoroughly, and then worked on a creative project to share their reading experience. These projects included writing a book summary and creating a visual presentation, such as a slideshow, diorama, or poster.

Enzo smiling at podium, about to read a summary of his book. A poster hangs on the whiteboard in the background.

The Bulldogs presented their projects to their classmates, showcasing not only what they learned but also why they would recommend their book to others. After presentations, students went around the room to view projects up close and ask questions to their peers.

Bailey discussing a book project with Ms. Landers and friends in classroom

Charlee: Charlotte's Web

Charlee standing at podium, reading summary with microphone. A colorful poster stands beside her, featuring a scene from Charlotte's Web.

Charlee shared her summary of "Charlotte's Web," exploring the themes of friendship and sacrifice that define this classic tale. She handed out miniature versions of the book to the class!

Charlee handing out miniature books to her classmates

Padraig: Holes

Padraig presenting his diorama, opening the shoe box to the classroom.

Padraig delved into the adventurous world of "Holes," sharing the intertwined destinies of the characters at Camp Green Lake. His diorama featured the scene when the treasure was dug up.

An open shoe box containing a brown painted bottom. Lego minifigures are positioned, digging holes. A large dirt hole is modeled in the center of the box.

Kathryn: Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock

Kathryn presenting a diorama of a doll looking into a miniature grandfather clock. LED lights shine down in the box scene.

Kathryn's diorama brought to life a suspenseful moment from "Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock," featuring a doll cleverly discovering a crucial clue hidden inside a grandfather clock.

Ben: The One and Only Bob

Ben presenting his diorama, speaking to the class and preparing the character models in the box.

Ben's diorama vividly captured the dramatic flooding scene from "The One and Only Bob," showcasing the tense moments as the river waters rise.

A shoe box diorama with a blue pipe cleaner river. A model car sits in the middle of the river with a toy dog sitting on the car. A bridge made of popsicle sticks stands in the top corner of the box.

Dante: The Buzzer Beater

Dante presenting shoe box diorama. The shoe box contains a model scene of a basketball court with players shooting a basketball. A paper scoreboard reads 40-39.

Dante created a dynamic diorama of "The Buzzer Beater," capturing the exhilarating moment of a game-winning shot just as time expires.

Hudson: Percy Jackson & The Olympians Series

Hudson presenting next to cardboard model Empire State Building. A white cloth wrapped at the top symbolizes a cloud, holding two cardboard characters of Zeus and Percy Jackson.

Hudson brought the world of "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" to life with a towering model of the Empire State Building, featuring Percy heroically perched at the top.

Want to see more projects? View our gallery!

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Sara standing with teachers and administrators outside of Poland Middle School.
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Mrs. Sara Turner of Poland Local School District was awarded the Franklin B. Walter Outstanding Educator Award! The Franklin B. Walter award is given to an outstanding educator or team from each of the 16 State Support Teams in Ohio who have made extraordinary contributions to the education of exceptional students. Congratulations to Mrs. Turner! We thank her for her extraordinary commitment to our students.

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Mary Brant swinging softball bat and Andrew Aey with Tennis Racket, both on trading cards. NE8 and Bulldog logos.
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Congratulations to the Poland Seminary High School student athletes on their achievement this year in the NE8 Athletic Conference. In the Spring 2024 season, 22 PSHS student athletes were recognized this year by coaches and administrators. In four sports, the NE8 has named two Poland Bulldogs as NE8 Players of the Year:

  • Mary Brant - Senior - Softball
  • Andrew Aey - Sophomore - Boys Tennis 
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