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"When You're Smiling..." - Mr. Nico's Notes...

A large group of 4th grade students standing at their desks and singing aloud.
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A handwritten print of "Mr. Nico's Notes"

Mr. Nico here...

I would like to thank Ms. Landers' fourth grade class who so adorably prepared a 'surprise project' for me. I knew something was up when the always-prepared-and-helpful Ms. Landers' would not share the details of the project with me... 😆 I am sharing a story from our Bulldogs... one that definitely shows kindness, makes you laugh, sing, and even made me cry. 🥹

Prepared to record another amazing academic project occurring at Poland Middle School, I walked up to the classroom door to a sign that said "Nico, knock three times when you arrive..."

OH MY GOODNESS. It was a project alright... A party for Mr. Nico. Like, WOW! I was already tearing up. The kiddos showed me some awesome artwork they made, featuring my camera, the instruments I play, and some tributes to "The Santino Show," a pretty exciting TV show we've been producing in class.

I was instructed to turn my back to the board in front of the room. I could not peek because I would spoil the surprise of them singing a Mr. Nico classic, "When You're Smiling." Thank you to Ms. Landers and Ms. Senatore for working on those lyrics with them! I told the kids every time I sing this song on a gig, I think of them! I even send it out to them before I sing it!

"When you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you." Behind the scenes of every photo and video you watch, there is an even bigger smile recording... I cannot help but smile and feel overjoyed capturing every moment I spend with your kiddos. I sincerely love our Bulldogs, not just for what they do but for who they are. I am constantly inspired by their kindness, knowledge, and humor. In my life and job, they give me purpose. And for all of that, I give them ice cream... (Sorry about that, Mom/Dad!)

Thank you, Bulldogs. For being you. Flawlessly and fearlessly.

I can confidently say: I have the best job in the world.

Stay tuned for a season finale of "The Santino Show" on Fun Day next week, where the Bulldogs will give you a first-hand "GoPro" experience of the fun!

I especially thank Ms. Landers for our friendship and for inviting me into the classroom this year. Here was the last project we created together:

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